Mech-Q is not complicated to learn

Mech-Q is an Addon For AutoCAD®, BriscCAD and IntelliCAD. It even will run as a standalone within our AViCAD product.

Mech-Q Menu

It contains 4 main engineering modules : Mechanical, Piping, Ducting & Structural.

These engineering modules can also be purchase separately or in a bundle we call the Mech-Q Suite.

Learning Mech-Q is very simple. Mech-Q’s interface consists of easy to use drop downs and menus.

No costly instructional class is required to get started. Mech-Q is makes you quicker at drawing schematics the minute you begin implementing it. We also have various video courses on Piping and Structural drawing plus many Youtube videos online.

We recommend some basic CAD experience before using Mech-Q, however many users new to CAD, use Mech-Q quite productively. We have entry level videos available as well.

Mech-Q is loaded with fittings

Mech-Q will make an infinite amount of parts and fittings. Fittings, parts and sizes that can be configured as you need them. Each time you change the size or material of a fitting, Mech-Q remembers the setting for the time you use the dialog.

Mech-Q Piping

Mech-Q counts fittings and their lengths as you draw. So you’ll also have the ability to make a bill of materials (a count of how many parts are in your drawing and their lengths).

If you need to to bubble or callout the pieces in your drawing, we have an option for this also. Alternatively you can choose just a portion of your drawing create a smaller schedule in order to make a spool sheet for instance.

Furthermore if you have Excel you can export your schedule to a CSV document so you can alter the table and configure it further if required.

Individual modules are available

If you have AutoCAD, BricsCAD or IntelliCAD and wish to only purchase a specific Mech-Q modules you can do so.  Contact us for a quote or download and try our Engineering Software Suite today!

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