Piping drawing module

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Draw simple and complex piping systems for all engineering industries, including:

  • Process
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • Building services

Piping Modules include:

  • Orthogonal Pipe, Fittings & Valves
  • A versatile and powerful pipe and pipe fittings utility: 2-D (Single & Double Line) and 3-D (Solids).

Main Features:

  • 2D (Single line & Double) & 3D
  • Comprehensive range of pipe & fittings
  • Auto-BOM – fully customizable
  • BOM Descriptions can be easily edited
  • Database editor included
  • Several draw options
  • Insulation, customizable layers

Types of Pipe & fittings included:

  • Butt Welded
  • Socket Welded
  • Screwed
  • Victaulic
  • Cast Iron (Flanged)
  • Ductile Iron (Flanged)
  • Ductile Iron (Grooved)
  • DI – Mechanical Joint
  • Stainless Steel Tube
  • Soil Piping (No-Hub)
  • PVC
  • Copper
  • PE and more…


  • Pipe size range from DN 15 – 900
  • (1/2″-36″ NB + 1/16 – 3/4″ Tube) -DIN, ISO & ANSI
  • Welded Fittings: DN 15 – 900 (1/2″-36″ NB)
  • SW & Screwed Fittings: DN 6 – 100 (1/4″-4″ NB)
  • Victaulic: DN 15 – 600 (1/2″-24″ NB)
  • Cast Iron (Flg): DN 25 – 450 (1″-18″ NB)
  • Ductile Iron (Flg)/Grooved/MJ: DN 80 – 1600 (3″-64″ NB)
  • Stainless Steel (OD)Tube: DN 6 – 100 (1/4″-4″ NB)
  • Sanitary Piping DN 15 – 150 (1/2″-6″ NB)
  • Tubing: DN 8-16 (1/4-16″ NB)
  • PVC-U, PVC-Sch80 & PVC-DWV: DN 15-300 (1/2″-12″)
  • Copper DN 15 – 100 (1/2″-4″ NB)
  • PE-BW DN 15 – 1000 (1/2″-40″ NB)


  • Blind
  • Plate
  • Bossed
  • Welding neck
  • Slip-on
  • Lap Joint
  • Ring Joint (RTJ)
  • Long Neck
  • Socket weld
  • Table A – Table J (Australian)
  • DIN PN6-PN100
  • BS PN6-PN100
  • ANSI: 150-2500
  • User Defined flanges


  • Ball valves
  • Gate valves
  • Glove valves
  • Check valves
  • Angle valves
  • Plug valves
  • 3-Way
  • 4-Way
  • Butterfly valves
  • Control valves
  • User Defined valves (several design options)
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Isometric Piping

The Pipe Isometric Utility will generate pipe isometric diagrams and pipe spools drawings.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive range of pipe & fittings
  • Auto-BOM – fully customizable
  • BOM Descriptions can be easily edited
  • Database editor included
  • Sizes of symbols can be changed by user
  • Several scaling options
  • Custom symbols can be added
  • Iso-Dimensioning tools included
  • Insulation, customizable layers…

Iso Piping BOM customization options include:

  • BOM Fields can be turned On/Off
  • Custom BOM descriptions of pipe/fittings
  • BOM Balloons options
  • Several leader styles
  • BOM Stock Codes option
  • Custom BOM remarks
  • Custom BOM ratings notes
  • Custom BOM field length, width and insertion
  • Custom layers, text font, text size…
  • Custom fields headers…

Pipe Schematic/Single Line Pipe Diagram

This is a Single line pipe generator. The routine will allow the user to effortlessly draw simple or complex pipe schematics. The user is simply asked to pick points to generate the pipe and at each point the user can pick from a comprehensive icon menu to select the appropriate fitting, valve, pump gauge or hanger. The user is also given the option to draw a LEGEND of the used symbols and/or to form a Bill Of Materials of the fittings and pipes used to draw the schematic or single line pipe diagram.


Main Features:

  • Easy change of design parameters
  • 2D and 3D option
  • Horizontal & vertical vessels
  • Several nozzels can be added to vessel body & heads
  • (Nozzel size, flange type and location – fully customizable)

Heads type include:

  • Ellipsoidal
  • Hemispherical
  • ASME Flanged & Dished
  • Flat

Drawing mode:

  • Complete,
  • Heads or vessel body
  • Front View
  • End View
  • Plan view
  • Elevations
  • 3D.

Centrifugal Pumps

Main Features:

  • Easy to change and add new designs
  • Design parameters fully customizable
  • Save pump designs for later use
  • Front, end & plan view draw elevations
  • Add the designed pump to your drawing with ease.

Pipe Hangers & Clamps

  • Pipe clips and Riser clamps
  • Saddle Clamps and Guides
  • U-Bolt Clamps and Guides
  • Pipe Shoes

Main Features:

  • Large selection of sizes & designs
  • Option to add fasteners
  • Display of design safe loads
  • Front, end & plan view draw elevations

P&ID Modules

The Mech Q P&ID module allows you to build and maintain a library of mechanical symbols to be used in Pipe and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) drawings. This application covers the standard Piping and Instrumentation symbology outlined in the ANSI/ISA-S5.1-1986 code.

Main Features:

  • Easy Customization

The program gives you full control of the symbols sizes, layers used, text size and font, as well as many other settings. The program also lets you add your own symbols with ease.

  • Layers Customization

Mech-Q P&ID lets you specify the layers settings of each of the main P&ID item groups:

    • Pipe
    • Fittings
    • Equipment
    • Valves
    • Instrument Equipment
    • Instrument Balloons
    • Symbols
    • Logic Functions
    • For each of the above you can set the layer Name, Color and Linetype.

When you start P&ID module, at the top of the program dialogue you will find the layer setting of the selected item. This layer setting will correspond to the Layers configuration setting and will be the layer that Mech-Q will use to draw the item on. However, you can override the layer setting of the current item by entering selecting another layer name, linetype (Pipe only) or color.

  • Sizes (or Scales) Configuration

The Mech-Q P&ID size settings affect the size appearance of all the different categories of P&ID items. You can change these sizes to suit your requirements

  • User Defined Symbols

One of the important features of the Mech-Q P&ID program is the ability to add new or user defined symbols. User defined symbols can be added to each P&ID item category.

  • Auto-BOM

The Module includes the auto-generation of Bill

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