Mech-Q is a very comprehensive package for drawing all manner of mechanical and structural drawings, with particular focus on industrial plant designs. It includes several design assistance features, as well as automation of common drawing detailing tasks. It works well and is highly adaptable.Geoff Harrod, MultiCAD Magazine
…I am using Mech-Q for ducting and pipework all day and every day now. I find them to be most useful, and really speed up the work…Gary Hull, Hants. UK
…If you need a short phrase to sum up the Mech-Q tool it would be something like ” a package of utilities you are sure that you would like to get around to doing someday if only you could find the time”. You’ll never get the time – spend it on your clients – Mech-Q has done the work for you….Absorption Technology Ltd.,
Gloucestershire, UK
I have used Mech-Q… I love it. I use it mainly for pipe fittings and for 3-D gear drawings. It is fantastic. I really appreciate the option to load the toolbars into my AutoCAD workspace.Andrew Hunt
I have just started to use Mech-Q and am very, very happy with it. I have been writing lisp and making my own menus since a very early ACAD release and I can really appreciate the amount of work you have invested in Mech-Q and what impresses me even more – I couldn’t find any faults or bugs.Waldman Roland, Grasso International, BE
ASVIC’s software support is the best I’ve experienced – anywhereAlan Gillies
Thank you ASVIC for the excellent service. I wished all our local Spanish vendors are as good.Gerald Ong, Alcoa Hatch Alliance, San Ciprian, Spain